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Like humans, animals can suffer from joint pain, arthritis and other symptoms of aging and injuries. Giving EVA to your pet can counteract the effects of aging by boosting its immune system, relieving arthritis or joint pain and providing more vitality. Extensive scientific research has proven that EVA is a healthy, natural way to keep your animal companions active, happy and free of pain.

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My Golden Retriever Morganne, 13, lost her appetite, would not go outside, and when we did get her up and she tried to walk, her back end would collapse. We were carrying her outside and returning her to her bed. Morganne was slowly fading, and friends suggested we put her down.

A friend in Edmonton told me about EVA, as they had received amazing results with their older dog. It’s been three weeks since Morganne started on EVA. We’ve been giving her two pills a day and we see a remarkable difference. She now has the strength to pull herself up, is eating again, and goes outside on her own. She is still very careful when attempting to go down a step, but her hindquarters aren’t collapsing on her anymore.

She even wanted to go for a walk this week; you could see how proud she was of herself, to be out on the leash with us. Her tail is wagging, and yes, she is smiling once again. I didn’t think I would ever see her so happy again. I would definitely recommend EVA to any pet owner.

Carol Page (& Morganne)
Fall River, Nova Scotia


I’m a small business owner who has been bringing our Blue Heeler/German Shepherd cross to the office since she was a pup 11 years ago. She’s a part of my family as well as a familiar face to the people my company does business with. She’s been slowing down and affected with arthritis over the last couple years so I tried giving her EVA a few months ago. The results were amazing – I had friends comment on how energetic she was after only four days of taking EVA, she was acting years younger. She’s still an old girl, but her quality of life has definitely improved with her daily dose of EVA.

J. Semchuk